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Music Industry Stalwarts' comments about Mita

August 20, 2019

This short video captures comments by legends followed by clips from Mita's live performance across the Globe. 

Mr. Amitava Ghosh of Ananda Bazar Potrika

"....There were a few young artists.... first to mention will be Mita Kundu. Mita, Maya Sen's disciple, has been living abroad for many years now. But still she did not loose Maya Sens's poise and grace   style...

Ms. Sonali Goswami wrote on the weekly magazine Robibar

"...Mrs Mita Kundu's voice is powerful and melodious. Her proper application of vocal tone amazed the audience. "Ogo tomar chokkhu die", "amare tumi oshesh korecho", "barota peyechi", "tomarei koriachi" were a couple of her flawless rendition of Rabindra sangeets. She also presented a devotional piece composed by her own. Her last presentation was a folk song "amay dubaili re" that left the audience completely speechless. "

Mr. Pinaki Chowdhury wrote on the Anondobazar Potrika

"Recently a devotional evening was arranged at the Kolakunjo. Ms Mita Kundu with her melodious voice presented eight devotional songs. Among them "tri-noyoni tumi ma shama" and "tor chorono chayay jeno mago pai sob sadhonar". Her presentation was heart rendering and sweet to hear at the same time. "

Sangbad Bichitra stated on 1st May, 1997

"Her voice clearly displays the touch of formal training and years of practice. Her voice reaches each and every note and all the scales."

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