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Prio Amar

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This is a rare collection of unheard recordings: 
of Debabrata Biswas, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, Mita Kundu, Suchitra Mitra, and Konika Bandopadhyay. 

Most of the songs were recorded from live performances across the globe by the artists.

Produced by Perennial Records of Kolkata in 2011. 

Robir Aloy Mita

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This CD has a dozen of Rabindrasangeeet sung by Mrs. Mita Kundu. Late Smt. Maya Sen personally mentored and guided Mita during the recordings. 

Many of the songs of this CD was marketed by Sagarika Music (Kolkata) and it was awarded Anandabazar Patrika's "Editor's Choice", in Rabindrasangeet category in 2009.

This CD demonstrates Mita's mastery of Rabindrasangeet. According to Dr. Ashim Das Gupta, it was a "soul purifying" presentation. This is a must listen for each and every  Rabindra sangeet lover. 

Bhajan shudha vol2

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This CD has eleven Hindi Bhajans (Indian devotional songs). The album is a rich, melodious and an emotional presentation by Mita. It contains selected Ram, Krishna, Shankar and Sainbaba's Bhajans. It begins with "Maha Mrtityunjaya Mantra" .  

Ei dinota kshoma karo

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In fond memory of Mrs. Maya Sen, Mita Kundu sings with her golden voice for this album. Mita is lauded by legendary singers of India, like Padmabhusan Manna Dey, Pandit Jayanta Bose and many others, as one of the best Rabindrasangeet singers of all time.

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